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Adventure - Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls, and rivers. Adventure travelers can choose from a variety of activities such as rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, and lots more. The most challenging activity will be choosing what to do!


Extreme Action

Costa Rica is a destination with an abundance of  thrills and adrenaline for lovers of adventure tourism. The whole year round,  and in most parts of the country, whether it  is on water, land or earth, you can  select among a great variety of activities for all of the family. Usually they  take place in natural environments, where you will have unforgettable  experiences.

The most important element to enjoy from adventure activities is safety.
Aware of this, in Costa Rica we are directing adventure tourism companies towards the regulations and operation licenses awarded from the different governmental entities.

Owing to the excellent characteristics of adventure tourism in Costa Rica, some international media have acknowledged our country as the best destination for adventure.

Challenging the Currents

Experience the thrill of aquatic adventures in the different options offered by Costa Rica for the most daring, but also for those liking the milder versions.  Dare to master the river currents in groups of five persons or more, while rafting, or well, learn how to kayak.

While you feel the excitement of our rivers and their whirlpools, you’ll enjoy a totally natural world.  If you’d rather settle for calmer waters, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, admiring wildlife and lush, captivating forests that will make you feel one with it all.

Kayaking may also be practiced at sea; experience the thrilling motion of the waves under the shining sun; get to know Costa Rican beaches with its many-coloured sands, surrounded by exuberant vegetation. Your trip may be soothing if you’d rather opt for a canoe trip by the rivers, canals, lakes and wetlands, in natural scenaries of exquisite beauty.

One of the most attractive activities for tourists visiting Costa Rica is diving, in the surface or “snorkel” version, or deep sea diving with a tank. You’ll get in touch with a colourful, underwater world, with the possibility of observing the spectacular whale shark, white-finned sharks (at Coco´s Island*), devilfish, schools of different species, eels, lobsters, the beauty of coral reefs and so much more.

* Cocos Island, one of the 10 most important marine places in the planet , was declared as World Natural Heritage site  by the UNESCO in  1997, for this reason, the visits to the island are regulated by the SINAC- MINAE, the government environmental office. The island is located about  500km (appox. 300 miles) from Puntarenas and it takes approximately  20 hours to get there.

Explore Costa Rica by Land

When you engage on a hike to have a closer contact with nature, you’ll discover the amazing trails crossing mountains; they are an invitation to search deeper into every corner of our land, appreciating the imposing rivers and waterfalls.

Scenic beauty, challenging paths and lots of fun are expecting lovers of mountain bikes.

Horseback riding may be enjoyed almost anywhere in the country, guided by an expert.  Hit the trails in the forest or if you’d rather, come in closer touch with Costa Rican culture, in a friendly experience with the people of the community, while learning about interesting towns.

But the thrills are not over yet: go to the underground, mysterious world of caverns: Speleology; it adds up another dimension, the beauty of a rare adventure, not without its risks.


From the Heights

You might go for adventures that take place over the imposing structures of hanging bridges where all of the family will have a closer view of the river landscapes, the canopies and the depths, while learning about life on the tree tops.

If you’d rather choose the kind of adventure involving ropes, in Costa Rica you’ll find the place to face those extraordinary challenges.

One of the options is rapel, an exercise that makes you descend from the highest top of trees, waterfalls, cliffs or rocky formations, to the ground. You only need some comfortable clothes and selecting the tour that best matches your needs for adventure.

One of the activities that has attracted attention and promoted adventure tourism in Costa Rica is the tyrolean or canopy, as it’s commonly called.

This activity consists of gliding at different speeds, holding unto steel cables suspended between platforms located on the canopy of the highest trees.  Some of them involve crossing over river gorges, making it necessary to climb a mountain to continue your journey.

During the trip and from the high platforms, you can delight with the imposing natural landscapes and views of the forest from up high. The Canopy’s advantage is that it may be practiced by almost everyone, depending on the level of excitement you wish to experience.
If you can overcome vertigo, enjoy the feeling of flinging yourself in a free fall. Bungee jumping in Costa Rica has been booming since 1991, it is practiced with ropes in different sites of the country.

In Costa Rica you’ll find everything to experience exciting, memorable activities, in an extension of barely 51,100 km2.  You make the choice of the kind of adventure you want to have and the exact place for it to take place.

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