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Ocotal to Montezuma Costa Rica Shuttles

Ocotal to Montezuma

Ocotal to Montezuma
Shared Shuttles & Private Direct Transfer Services

Shared Shuttle Ocotal to Montezuma
Private Service Ocotal to Montezuma

Montezuma to Ocotal


Shared Shuttle Services:
Ocotal to Montezuma Beach


Departure & Arrival

8:00 am

12:45 pm

Collective Shared Shuttles have 1 departure per day, in the morning from Ocotal to Montezuma Beach

Rate: $68pp (all fees included)

Request Info; Montezuma Shuttles, Private Transfers and Taxi Boat Services Shared Shuttle Ocotal to Montezuma


Private Transfer:
Ocotal to Montezuma Beach



Any time of yor election.

This is a private service with your own driver and own vehicle door to door. At the time of your election our driver will go to the location of your preference to pick you up from there you will be assisted. If needed we will stop in a restaurant, supermarket or drugstore.

Rate for the service, not person. from 1 up to 6 passengers. Rates vary depending on your drop off location and if the service is operated between 6pm and 6am.

You will be drop off directly at the location of your preference. Advance reservations required

Request Info; Montezuma Shuttles, Private Transfers and Taxi Boat Services Private Service Ocotal to Montezuma

Travel Time:

4 hrs


$270 US


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